Octonauts/udner the sea cake

This is definitely my most ambitious birthday cake yet, and I'm more than a little nervous. My girl's birthday party is just over a week away. When she told me she wanted an Octonauts party, I first went online to look to see cake ideas. I found a tutorial for how to make fondant Barnacles, Peso, Turnip and Kwazii. That link is below.

Tutorial on fondant Octonauts

My pictures of my Octonauts creations. Not great, but not too bad for the first time actually creating animals from fondant. I do color all my own fondant. Buying pre-colored is costly and I don't normally need large amounts. The fondant I buy is at Amazon. I use white Fondarific. I then use Americolor Gel Colors. I've used Wilton gels, but I like Americolor the best. I've also used a few other fondant manufacturers, but I like Fondarific the best. Barnacles will be inside the sub, so he didn't need legs.

To date I have completed most of the fondant work which is oysters, seaweed, sea flowers, sea shells, 3 sharks, corals, and an oarfish.

The major centerpieces are 6 beautiful, mostly pre-crafted pieces that I was able to order in a kit. I had to painstakingly put all the pieces together, but I could never craft at this level yet. All the small details, the bodies (molded over styrofoam)and the handpainting were not done by me.

I don't normally get asked about how I learn to do these things, but I'll enclose details of where I got some of my ideas and/or instructions.

The oysters I just had to figure our based on pictures. I used a shell silicone mold, blended whites, pinks, yellows, blue's and green's into marble patterns with and rolled them out, made little tongues using red fondant and a pastry tip as the cutter to make circles and then I just molded them to the shells. I added a little white pearl Sixlet.

The lacey kind of coral, I used a tutorial on YouTube. Hers are so much prettier, but you can tell, she's been doing this for quite some time. For my first time out, I think I did okay.

Fondant coral
The seaweed, I simply went off of a picture I saw on pinterest.

A week from today (next Thursday), I will actually bake all the cakes I will need, and it's a lot. I'm making my largest ever round cake, a 12-inch. I will make two 7" cakes that will go on top of that, off center, so I have room for the 6 main fondant sea creatures. I also need to make probably four 4-5" rounds to be the Gup (the Octonauts submarine). Friday will probably be all devoted to making the Gup. It needs to be covered in fondant, wings, propeller's, rivets, a control panel, the angler fish like light, and adding Barnacles who was made a few months ago, using another tutorial I'll link to.

Saturday morning, the day of her party, that's when I'll actually assemble the entire cake. The main cakes won't be fondant, but will be a cream cheese frosting and this really can't be left out at room temp, nor can fondant pieces go in the refrigerator because the humidity and moisture is the enemy, so the cakes will be in the fridge on Friday, but all the fondant pieces can't go on until the day of her party. That's the part that stresses me out the most. The day of her party is the craziest; last minute cleaning the house, getting all the food prep ready, last decorations, getting my girl ready, getting myself ready, it gets pretty crazy.

Below is the finished cake.


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