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Octonauts/udner the sea cake

This is definitely my most ambitious birthday cake yet, and I'm more than a little nervous. My girl's birthday party is just over a week away. When she told me she wanted an Octonauts party, I first went online to look to see cake ideas. I found a tutorial for how to make fondant Barnacles, Peso, Turnip and Kwazii. That link is below.

Tutorial on fondant Octonauts

My pictures of my Octonauts creations. Not great, but not too bad for the first time actually creating animals from fondant. I do color all my own fondant. Buying pre-colored is costly and I don't normally need large amounts. The fondant I buy is at Amazon. I use white Fondarific. I then use Americolor Gel Colors. I've used Wilton gels, but I like Americolor the best. I've also used a few other fondant manufacturers, but I like Fondarific the best. Barnacles will be inside the sub, so he didn't need legs.

To date I have completed most of the fondant work which is oysters, seaweed, sea flowers, sea…