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Pt. 2--Macaron's

I decided I wanted to make (for the first time ever) macaron's. I did this to follow the theme of a traditional tea party, where macaron's are a favorite. And by the way, it is macaron, not macaroon. Technically macaroon's have coconut.

First, we went to a patisserie in Chicago and tasted authentic macarons. They're kind of crispy on the top, chewy and the filling is usually very creamy.

Then I started to research. Holy cow, there are dozens of different techniques for making a macaron. I have learned way more than I ever intended like getting the perfect "feet" on a macaron, using parchment versus Silpat, using aged eggs versus refrigerator eggs, why copper bowls are the best for making macarons, over folding, under folding, lava textures, air bubbles, eggshell finish, Italian versus French style meringue, using almond flour versus grinding your own almonds. I started to feel a little sick to my stomach. Damn it, I just want some cute cookies for the table a…