Turning Barbie's dolls into weeping angels

Like quite a few Dr. Who fans, the episode Blink is just a favorite. "The angels have the phone box," is probably one of my most favorite lines of script.

I found a website online that documented how they went about creating these weeping dolls. Below is my adventure into making weeping dolls of my own.

First I went to Ebay and found a lot of old ugly Barbie dolls for just a few dollars. I think with shipping it all came out to be less than $6.

My first step was cutting all the hair. Almost all of them had long tangled hair. I cut the hair down to above the shoulders, then used a tiny little rubber band to make a pony tail. I trimmed more hair to get it as close to the pony tail as possible. I then used a small cotton elastic hair band and put that in place which will give the angel the headband look. After that I used the hot glue gun and just covered all the hair in hot glue. I went in a somewhat circular pattern so that the glue has ridges for texture and then I glued and swirled the ponytail to make it look like a rounded bun.

Next, I used a hacksaw and cut the arms off one at the elbow to make the angel who is covering her eyes. I cut another doll at the elbow on one arm and glued it to make the arm straight. Because this angel is pointing, I was able able to gently use the hacksaw to separate her point finger and then I was able to cut a little bit of the other fingers, enough to bend them towards the palm and glue them. The third doll I cut at the elbow on one arm, to make the hand across her eyes. The last doll I just got off the hands and turned them so that her palms are facing her eyes like the last angel.

The cuts at the elbows, I will cover those up with crinkle cotton fabric, gauze kind of material.
My next steps are going to be purchasing the fabric, the granite paint and primer, the wooden round plaques and dowels to glue the dolls to, and feathers. I probably won't be able to get to that for a week or two, but when I do, I'll update with pictures. Oh yeah, and making wings. That will probably be an additional week on top of everything else.
Lastly, is the link for the webpage where I got my inspiration from.


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