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Weeping angels (Doctor Who) part two

I purchased the 4" round wood plaques and drilled the holes and placed the dowels. Then I put E6000 glue on the feet and the back and attached the dolls to the dowels and base. After they were dry, I cut pink cheesecloth and made the dresses. The next step after that was the 50/50 mixture of glue and water and spritzed down the dresses and let it dry, so that it became very stiff. Then I worked on the wings. I just free handed a wing pattern and traced it on cardboard pieces. The wings didn't take long to glue the feathers on front and back. I just hot glued the wings on to the back of the dolls. I then coated them in grey spray paint primer and then once dried, sprayed them with the Natural Stone Granite spray paint. One can only made it through two dolls, so I actually have to get some more to complete the project. I was so close to getting it done this weekend.

Turning Barbie's dolls into weeping angels

Like quite a few Dr. Who fans, the episode Blink is just a favorite. "The angels have the phone box," is probably one of my most favorite lines of script.

I found a website online that documented how they went about creating these weeping dolls. Below is my adventure into making weeping dolls of my own.

First I went to Ebay and found a lot of old ugly Barbie dolls for just a few dollars. I think with shipping it all came out to be less than $6.

My first step was cutting all the hair. Almost all of them had long tangled hair. I cut the hair down to above the shoulders, then used a tiny little rubber band to make a pony tail. I trimmed more hair to get it as close to the pony tail as possible. I then used a small cotton elastic hair band and put that in place which will give the angel the headband look. After that I used the hot glue gun and just covered all the hair in hot glue. I went in a somewhat circular pattern so that the glue has ridges for texture and then I glued an…