Scrapbooking organization

I am constantly battling organizing all my scrapbooking supplies. The longer I scrap, the more stuff I have; from diecuts/ephemera, tools, chalks, stamps/ink pads, paper pads, washi tape, twines, planner clips, stickers...the list is endless.

Below are some of the things I found that have really helped me organize, as well as trying to look cute at the same time.

I am a full on planner girl now. I started with one mint colored Webster's planners, and now I have 4 more planners. Having planners, means lots of planner clips. They are just fun, but finding a place to store all my clips was a challenge because I want to see them or I'll forget what I have. I change them out with the seasons or with the month's planner theme.

I decided on a Tim Holtz carousel and clips set. Links will be below the pictures. It was a little more expensive that I would have liked,  but keep your eye out on 40% coupons at Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Joann's. If you wait for good coupons, yo…

Octonauts/udner the sea cake

This is definitely my most ambitious birthday cake yet, and I'm more than a little nervous. My girl's birthday party is just over a week away. When she told me she wanted an Octonauts party, I first went online to look to see cake ideas. I found a tutorial for how to make fondant Barnacles, Peso, Turnip and Kwazii. That link is below.

Tutorial on fondant Octonauts

My pictures of my Octonauts creations. Not great, but not too bad for the first time actually creating animals from fondant. I do color all my own fondant. Buying pre-colored is costly and I don't normally need large amounts. The fondant I buy is at Amazon. I use white Fondarific. I then use Americolor Gel Colors. I've used Wilton gels, but I like Americolor the best. I've also used a few other fondant manufacturers, but I like Fondarific the best. Barnacles will be inside the sub, so he didn't need legs.

To date I have completed most of the fondant work which is oysters, seaweed, sea flowers, sea…

Pt. 2--Macaron's

I decided I wanted to make (for the first time ever) macaron's. I did this to follow the theme of a traditional tea party, where macaron's are a favorite. And by the way, it is macaron, not macaroon. Technically macaroon's have coconut.

First, we went to a patisserie in Chicago and tasted authentic macarons. They're kind of crispy on the top, chewy and the filling is usually very creamy.

Then I started to research. Holy cow, there are dozens of different techniques for making a macaron. I have learned way more than I ever intended like getting the perfect "feet" on a macaron, using parchment versus Silpat, using aged eggs versus refrigerator eggs, why copper bowls are the best for making macarons, over folding, under folding, lava textures, air bubbles, eggshell finish, Italian versus French style meringue, using almond flour versus grinding your own almonds. I started to feel a little sick to my stomach. Damn it, I just want some cute cookies for the table a…

Weeping angels (Doctor Who) part two

I purchased the 4" round wood plaques and drilled the holes and placed the dowels. Then I put E6000 glue on the feet and the back and attached the dolls to the dowels and base. After they were dry, I cut pink cheesecloth and made the dresses. The next step after that was the 50/50 mixture of glue and water and spritzed down the dresses and let it dry, so that it became very stiff. Then I worked on the wings. I just free handed a wing pattern and traced it on cardboard pieces. The wings didn't take long to glue the feathers on front and back. I just hot glued the wings on to the back of the dolls. I then coated them in grey spray paint primer and then once dried, sprayed them with the Natural Stone Granite spray paint. One can only made it through two dolls, so I actually have to get some more to complete the project. I was so close to getting it done this weekend.

Turning Barbie's dolls into weeping angels

Like quite a few Dr. Who fans, the episode Blink is just a favorite. "The angels have the phone box," is probably one of my most favorite lines of script.

I found a website online that documented how they went about creating these weeping dolls. Below is my adventure into making weeping dolls of my own.

First I went to Ebay and found a lot of old ugly Barbie dolls for just a few dollars. I think with shipping it all came out to be less than $6.

My first step was cutting all the hair. Almost all of them had long tangled hair. I cut the hair down to above the shoulders, then used a tiny little rubber band to make a pony tail. I trimmed more hair to get it as close to the pony tail as possible. I then used a small cotton elastic hair band and put that in place which will give the angel the headband look. After that I used the hot glue gun and just covered all the hair in hot glue. I went in a somewhat circular pattern so that the glue has ridges for texture and then I glued an…